Why another website devoted to sex? There must be a thousand websites that have instructions for how to have sex, how to find a sex partner, how to lead up to the subject, what kind of sex toys are available. Why do we need another blog/website on this subject?

First. There really aren’t that many sex websites. It just seems so because we, as a society, have hidden the topic almost to the point that when we do find a book, an article, a website, we still treat it with more attention than it warrants. If we were really comfortable about sex, another website would be ho-hum. If you turned on the TV and found an advertisement for a new washing machine, you would look at it, consider that your current machine is doing an excellent job, maybe consider some of the new features, but then you would just change channels and move on to something more interesting. But if you see a new website about sex, you give it much more attention than a washing machine.

Second. Most of the websites are aimed at younger folk. In our culture, there is an ick factor for people over 50 or 60 having sex. We are really not comfortable that we came into the world as a result of our parents mating. Maybe you came into the world as a result of immaculate conception, but I don’t know anyone else who did. You’d think that we would have overcome all this weirdness, but not yet. Still we know that as seniors age, sex becomes an ever more important part of life.

Those websites which are oriented toward the “How to do it,” subject, struggle to support themselves. But at least those aimed at younger people benefit from the prejudice of the marketers at the sex aid stores.

Very few authors and websites sustain themselves on their ad revenue. A few develop a membership base with members contributing a few dollars.

Many years of providing relationship and sex counseling/therapy/education have taught me that only a very small portion of seniors actually understand their sexuality or know how to fulfill it. How many know that having a regular and frequent sex life improves mortality rates by 30%? Or that orgasms are a great way to exercise? We have only recently discovered that the importance for health of promoting a solid sex life.

The Joy of Senior Sex will explore all kinds of sex, sexuality, and relationship. We will publish the results of testing of sex aids like vibrators, dildos, and electro-sex. (I reject the term “sex toy” as these implements are very important. They should be—and will be here—called “sex aids.”)

This page will be moved into an “About” page as we have time to grow the site.

I want to acknowledge the inspiration I have had from my amazing colleague, Joan Price, the Guru of Senior Sex. Joan has her own blog which I highly recommend, Naked At OurAge.com. This is one place you can read Joan’s wisdom. Another is on Senior Planet and on Facebook. I also recommend her books, especially, The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty. Buy it from your local independent book seller, or from Amazon.com.

I invite you to comment and make suggestions about how we can improve the utility of this site for yourself and those you love.


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