Aneros–Learning the Joys of Anal Sex

While everyone normally has two eyes, either a penis or a vagina, an anus and two breasts, each person’s sexual physiology and their sexuality are unique. The great "Summer Present” I received really demonstrated this.

Aneros is a company making sex aids for anal pleasure. (In my view, “sex toys” is too dismissive a word for instruments that give us so much pleasure.) They were gracious enough to send three products: The MGX Classic, and the Helix Syn, both prostate massagers, and the Evi for the vagina and Kegel exercizes.

My intrepid group of explorers (Margaret, Lillie, Bill and I)  — gathered to discuss and plan our testing of these products. The Helix MGX Classic and the Helix Syn look very similar on first glance. They are inserted in the anus either solo or with the help of a partner. The shape is very unusual as it includes an extension which is designed to touch the perineum, the area between the anus and the scrotum on men and the vulva on women. It is, for most people, an exquisitely erotic territory with many nerve endings, often ignored in our focus on the penis or the clitoris.

Why insert something in the anus? The sense of fullness is immensely pleasurable, gives a feeling of centeredness, and focuses the mind on the sexual sensations. The Aneros products are designed to stimulate the prostate, sometimes called the male G-spot. Stimulation of the prostate adds to the strength of orgasms and may lead to multiple orgasms before or even without ejaculation. Not all anal products will do this but these will.

The MGX and the Helix Syn prostate massagers are both fairly narrow with a graceful handle.

The MGX is white, with a smooth hard surface and small ridges at the base. (There is a black version but the one supplied to us was white.) The Helix Syn is black, covered in a soft overlay. They are similar and they work in the same way. Thus the instructions that come with these two are exactly the same.

There are two extensions from the bottom of the Aneros aid. One is simply a loop that is a handy handle. But the other is designed to stimulate the perineum simultaneously with the prostate. That’s a brilliant idea as it stimulates two areas of great sensitivity simultaneously.

Each man tried both of the products (With careful attention to cleanliness and sterilization, of course.) with the partner’s help and also by himself. The results were different. The Helix Syn has a shorter perineum arm that fit perfectly over Bill’s perineum. That made it more pleasurable for him. The shape of the insert stroking his prostate was enough to almost bring him to climax. The Helix MGX has a longer perineum arm and a different shape that may be better for others.

Combining the Aneros tools with either penis stroking or the ministrations of a partner can intensify the power of an orgasm.

There are very good and detailed instructions for each product to make it work through your own exercise of your sphincter and pelvic floor muscles. Unlike so many products, these are designed to use your own body’s effort, not vibrations. We followed the directions and got good results.

The same differences appeared for the Evi for the women. The Evi has a large, bulbous insert for the vagina, and an external arm which touches and stimulates the clitoris. The bulb is designed to fit to the G-spot. My two women testers are physically different. Lillie has a narrower vagina at rest. Also the clitoral hood covers more and is nearer to the vaginal opening. For her it was difficult to insert the Evi and despite her best efforts at movement of hips, legs and Kegels, it didn’t provide much pleasure. The opposite proved true for Margaret. Everything fit and everything in the right place including the pleasure.

The anal aids were designed with male bodies in mind, but we decided to see if they had value for women as well. Both women tried and liked both aids. Again there was the difference in the location of the perineum. For Lillie, the little arm on the Helix MGX Classic was too long and actually worked its way into her vagina. It was not unpleasant, but a bit distracting from the anal sensations. This illustrates the problem of designing an aid that needs to conform well to a particular anatomy. All the dimensions vary from person to person. Similarly with the  G-spot. It can be slightly deeper or less deep and the parts of the clitoris that form it may be closer or further from the vaginal walls.

These are excellent products, as long as you choose the right one, which may be by trial and error, and learn to use it right.  Buy Aneros at your local store like Good Vibrations, Woman's Touch, or Pleasures of the Heart.