Sex Toys–Sex Aids, Reviews

There seems no end to the inventiveness of people who make sex toys. (Nomenclature: Most people call these sex toys, but I also call them sex aids. They provide so much pleasure that calling them toys seems to trivialize them.) They come in two major categories: Toys/aids for women predominate. But there are some toys for men as well. A third less populous group is toys for couples.

I have focused on sex toys for men and couples. There are many women reviewing toys for women and clearly can do that much better than I could. Foremost among those reviewing women’s toys for use by Seniors is my friend Joan Price. Seniors sometimes have special considerations. A handheld vibrator may be awkward or weigh too much for an arthritic wrist. Many women begin to experience vaginal dryness. Far more older men are afflicted with erectile dysfunction, physiologically caused. There are toys that are better suited to each of these needs.

There are many more toys designed for women than for men, but sometimes a toy that is designed for women can also be used by men. The faithful Hitachi Magic Wand, for example, was loved by women because it was a sure source of pleasure for most. However, because it had a deep grove around the head, the penis would comfortably rest there and derive great stimulation. The reverse also can happen as with the Aneros sex aids that I recently reviewed. They were intended for men, but the women found them delightful as well.

My reviews are based on a regular testing process. I have a cadre of six people, all over fifty and four of whom are over 60, who test toys with me. When a new device arrives, we meet and discuss how to use it and what we hope to discover. We decide on the questions for which we want answers. Then, depending on the aid, either one couple, or another takes the sex toy for testing according to the protocol we have worked out. After a few days to a week, the sex aid is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and then passed to a second couple. On occasion, all three couples have wanted to try a device, so we get the feedback from at least two couples and sometimes all three. After discussion, I write a review based on these experiences.

Yes, it would be a bit tedious, if we were not dealing with sex toys/aids. Somehow we never lack for enthusiasm. That doesn’t mean we always like the product. In fact we have, on occasion, just decided that a sex toy was not worth the effort of final editing and publishing. If something is actually negative, dangerous or uncomfortable, that is noted in the review.

Companies do provide us their sample product, but no one is ever paid for a good review. If there is something negative, that will be brought up.

I will initially be posting previously written reviews that are still relevant.

If you know a sex toy or aid that you would like to have reviewed and can get the manufacturer to supply us with a sample, we will then decide if it deserves the level of energy we put into this. But if so, I will be glad to do a review. Likewise, if you are a sex toy company and would like me/us to review your product, please let me know. I am especially interested in products that have these characteristics:

  • They are innovative.
  • They are usable by Seniors, 50, 60, 70, 80+
  • They are usable by men, either alone or with a partner.