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Joan Price just announced more webinars and more workshops. I got to know Joan at an early workshop and have since appreciated her skill in presenting options and assistance for Seniors, either wanting to return to sex after a long drought or those for whom sex has become unsatisfying for whatever reason. Even for very sexy Seniors, Joan has more information worth knowing.

You don't want to miss this opportunity. Click on this link to learn more.

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From time to time I encounter valuable information and videos. Most recently a series of three videos from Amy Jo Goddard came to my attention. After watching these I decided to give you all a link to them. Apparently these have been banned by Facebook. I don't understand their reasoning. They are not graphic in any way.  Go here to watch:  Amy Jo Goddard

Pornhub's new educational video imparts sex safety tips to the elderly.

One of the most important things we have learned in recent years is how very important it is for seniors to maintain an active sex life throughout their lives. It is not just a pleasure issue–though that too–but also a life and health extension. Further it is true that loving oneself seems to be very important to being able to love others, and not just sexually. (As an aside, I find it fascinating that Jesus admonished his followers to "Love your neighbor as yourself," thus implying that if you do not love yourself, you cannot love others.")

Porn star Nina Hartley faces the camera, her blond hair swept back in a ponytail, red-framed glasses perched on her nose. She's dressed like a gym teacher in white pants and a red track jacket zipped low enough to suggest she isn't wearing much underneath. She's standing in locker room, surrounded by senior citizens adjusting their retro gym clothes.

"Contrary to what many of us think, sexual desire doesn't diminish with age," Harley says in her gentle lisp. "In fact, it's one of the last functions people lose in their golden years. That's because today, thanks to advances in medicine, like the pharmaceuticals prescribed for erectile dysfunction, what used to look like this," here she holds up a small, browning banana, "now looks a lot like this." She holds up a significantly larger, firmer banana, while smiling cheekily at the camera.

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