About David Pittle

You might be wondering, “Who is this David Pittle and why should I read/listen to what he offers?” 

I am a relationship, and sex therapist located in San Rafael, California. My doctorate is in clinical psychology, but a large part of my training was in sex therapy and counseling—I do not distinguish between counseling and therapy.

My introduction to sex therapy was with a supervising trainer designated by the Masters and Johnson Institute to train new therapists in their methods. Later I encountered and then trained also with William Hartmann and Marilyn Fithian at the Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in Long Beach.

With over forty years of experience in counseling, I bring to the process all that I have learned from both, very different, models.

I have taught counseling at the University of Brasilia, the University of Akron, and at the College of Marin, and have taught the application of counseling in interpersonal relations for business at the University of San Francisco. Harvard/Radcliffe/MIT consortium contracted with me to provide counseling.

Beyond this, I am a clinical (credentialed) member of two well-recognized organizations in hypnotherapy as well as several other professional psychotherapy credentialing boards.

Bringing to the process, a keen appreciation for the spirituality of each person, I try to attune myself to what is significant to each client’s own worldview, helping them integrate that into their emotional functioning. For some, spirituality refers to God or a “higher power”. For others, it is more about the glory of the human spirit. In either case, if we work together, your vision will be respected.

Many of us fail to make the connection between body and mind. Yet our body is marvelously attuned to our mind. Providing emotional care in a local hospital, I could not help but be amazed at the correlation of attitude and healing. Most people were either in pain or had anxiety. Some were about to have operations. Others were ill and weak, depending on nurses for even very personal processes, a few aware that their lives would soon end.

Some patients, however, approached their lives with a sense of the future after recovery. They not only healed faster than those who could not see beyond the immediate but also had better results. Teaching people to meditate also provided better healing. Even those terminally ill were more comfortable when their minds could be eased.

The importance of sex therapy is another illustration of the body-mind connection. While there may be, especially as we age, physical causes of some sexual difficulties, most of our sexual problems come from our belief in them. I use a variety of tools to help clients change their minds—including some simple aids like better lubricants and sex aids (toys). Of course, when a cause is physical, I refer to a physician.

To contact me for an in-person or face-to-face appointment, or for on-line sessions, please call me at 415-479-3945 or email at davidpittle@turningspirit.com

On-line work is through a service which is “end to end encrypted.” This makes it completely safe and confidential,  unlike Skype and others which are easily “hacked.” (This is conforming to HIPAA regulations on patient confidentiality.)